I present to you a short solo episode of The Vita Cast, where Kyle lays out his vision of a next generation PlayStation portable console.

Check it out below;

Special Episode #1: Kyle’s Vision of a Next Gen PlayStation Portable

Intro/Outro by Kyle Von (Contact: getwithit120@gmail.com)

PS; I’m working on getting a regular podcast going again, but can’t promise anything or outline any timelines at the moment. For now however; if something comes to mind I think you guys would like to hear, maybe you’ll hear my thoughts solo. 😉

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Kyle Wakeling is the Editor in Chief and Jack of all trades here at The Vita Lounge. A long time gamer and aspiring writer, he's just hoping to spread the word of PlayStation Vita to the darkest corners of the internet - and beyond.
  • spyro20

    ono the producer of street fighter said he wanted to make a street fighter 5 game for the PS VITA since early 2015, i say we should notify that to the public to make sure street fighter 5 gets out to the PS VITA.

  • eric

    I enjoyed listening to your wish list for a new PS Vita.
    (my opinion), but I feel that phones have taken a huge market share from dedicated gaming consoles. Phones serve casual users well and w/ phone technology getting cheaper and cheaper and more and more robust it is really difficult for game makers to make a console that will stay competitive. With that said, there is a huge segment of the market that are dedicated gamers, not casual ones. For those dedicated gamers phones don’t cut it for one huge reason in my opinion, -well actually two. The first is lack of physical buttons and joysticks. I’ve tried and more involved and complex games are really difficult to play w/o physical tactile feedback from a button/joystick. Heck, even simple games like Tetris are challenging to play on a phone. You quickly lose your finger placement w/ a virtual button. The other big thing in my experience is that phones seem to lag big time when playing games that are heavy on CPU resources. A dedicated game console out-performs. …and if you want to add additional reasons I hate “coins” and other “buy ins” including ads, etc… that seem to ruin all games built for phones. Yes, even purchased games have constant coin purchase reminders. I find that really annoying. Maybe I am just old school and remember the days prior to ads and upselling in games. By the way I’ve tried buying joysticks for my phones, they don’t work all that well.
    It also seems that there is a market for those who want to purchase physical games for consoles, -I don’t have specific numbers, but just look at what LRG’s is doing, -they sell out 3,000 physical vita games in under a minute w/ every new launch. So there is a market out there.

    What does it mean?
    Not really sure, I don’t think anyone does …but it does seem like there are still sales and a wanting of Vita games. On a positive note, I saw that new colors for the Vita console are being released in Japan …so maybe all hope isn’t lost??? …but I also can’t recall a manufacturer bringing something back after its in the state the Vita is in …interesting, time will tell.

  • eric

    oh, one thing I’d add to the wish list …its a sort of gimmicky thing but a vibration feedback system for a new Vita would be nice. Kind of like the “Dual-Shock” controllers. I like the physical feedback you get from them. If the Vita came w/ a handset type thing like you mentioned in your podcast then you could fit the mechanism in the handles.

    • While I don’t mind the idea of a vibration feedback system in general, it seems like a bad idea on a portable. Dropping a sturdy plastic controller is one thing, but dropping a several hundred dollar portable is entirely another.

      • eric

        ah, …I’ve personally never dropped my PS4 controller …so hadn’t occurred to me as a potential issue for a handheld console. But that is a reasonable argument against a vibration system.