Gust has released a free post-game episode for Atelier Sophie, bridging the gap between Sophie’s story and Firis’ story with a special scenario.

Set after the main game, this brand new Atelier Sophie scenario is designed to link together the stories of Sophie and Firis. In the scenario you’ll reunite with characters Meklet and Atomia, and it seems like Sophie has a big decision to make.

There are some screenshots from the PlayStation 4 version of the scenario below;

Atelier Sophie is out now in all major regions, and Atelier Firis launches November 2nd in Japan. Grab the Sequel Episode from the Japanese PSN here and bridge the gap before the new game comes out!

  • Dang, I’d totally be down for a localization of this, yet I highly doubt one’ll arrive. Shame since I adored Sophie, a mid-tier Atelier to be sure, yet splendidly engrossing nonetheless (as often the series is for me). Will surely glance over a translation of this before Firis launches, in any event.

    Makes me wonder if Sophie will receive a Plus+ version – which, as it released simultaneously on Vita as on PS3/4, seems superfluous. I’m just game for Firis by this point.