Bandai Namco has announced their intention to add additional anime content to the game this Winter – via free DLC.

Announced at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, it looks like Bandai Namco will be releasing some free downloadable content for Macross Delta Scramble this Winter in Japan. They’ll be adding elements from the second half of the anime, with additional content set to include three main missions from both the Chaos and Windermere Sides (six in total), two additional missions, some new mecha, and some additional cut-ins.

Also, it’s been revealed that some paid DLC is planned as well – though what it is exactly has yet to be detailed.

Macross Delta Scramble is due out in Japan on October 20th.

  • Ajit Dutta

    any chance this or something like this will be release in the west im struggling to find flying games out desperation i just bought sword arts online lost song , not interested in psp games though

    • Ajit Dutta

      mainly because i want something that uses the full capacity of the vita