Digerati Distribution has announced that the Vita version of Slain: Back from Hell will be coming this November 1st. The game had also been slightly delayed for PS4. Instead of the original release date of September 13th, Slain: Back from Hell will be available on September 20th in North America (21st for Europe).

According to its Steam page, Slain: Back from Hell is:

“A heavy metal inspired arcade combat with puzzle elements and gore galore. Stunning visuals and true old school gameplay accompanied by the most metal soundtrack you’ve ever heard.”

The game also features:

  • Challenging ‘elemental’- based melee and magical combat
  • 6 hours of bone-crushing, metal-fueled mayhem & gore
  • Choose from 3 unique weapons in your fight against the demon hordes.
  • Full soundtrack recorded by Curt Victor Bryant formally of Celtic Frost. \m/
  • Cunningly concealed secrets (shhh).
  • Boss fights, mini-boss fights, sub-mini- boss fights & macro-sub- mini-boss fights.
  • No laborious levelling, no tedious grinding, no wimpy crafting!

Trailer and pictures below:

  • Lester Paredes

    Cool! Metal and death and revamped everthing! Sign me up! Hope the port is good.

  • Alondate31

    This updated version looks better than the original one. I am happy they could pulled off the vita version so quickly

  • Steve Jaworski

    Interest piqued!

  • addictedtoretro

    Oh man. Im in, looks great. The platforming kinda reminds me of Chakan on the Megadrive a bit. All good 🙂