We get an update on the North American and Japanese release windows for the game, accompanied by new gameplay footage and an English language Mizuki character trailer.

Bad news guys, it looks like Akiba’s Beat has been delayed ’til Q1 2017 in North America – though those of you in Japan will be able to get a hold of it this December. This news of revised release windows was revealed at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, and with it came just under thirty minutes of gameplay video (though unfortunately we can’t embed it at this time). Click here to jump to the video on Twitch.

Additionally, we’ve been given an English trailer for Mizuki Aihara. A 20 year old college student, Mizuki is the childhood friend of protagonist Asahi – and can be considered his polar opposite. Serious and reliable, Mizuki leads a very productive life; going to college, and working a part time job as a tutor.

Akiba’s Beat is now due out this December in Japan, and sometime in Q1 of 2017 for North America.