Kadokawa Games has announced a brand new scenario coming to Demon Gaze II this Fall, and you won’t want to miss it – ’cause it’s huge.

Demon Gaze II will apparently be getting a rather large bit of additional content added to the title for free via a post-launch update, as the scenario that’s on the way is said to have nearly the same volume of content as the main story. That’s pretty damn hefty (or the story’s not that long, but I seriously doubt that)!

Accessible once the main story has been cleared, the upcoming “Yagyuu Demon Slaying Chronicle: Call of The Grimodar” scenario features script and supervision by Benny Matsuyama, as well as special character designs by Kazushi Hagiwara.

Check it out in a brand new trailer below, which features new characters Piene and Swordswoman of Yagyuu;

Demon Gaze II is due out September 29th in Japan, with this additional scenario to follow via a free update later this Fall.