New screenshots and details have been shared by D3 Publisher for upcoming adventure game Idol Death Game TV.

In Idol Death Game TV all the idols want to win by getting highly scored in each stage until they are the last idol standing. Each stage will be judged on different things, for example performance and dance. You can get Dream Coins by exploring the mansion and these can be used to buy items which will give you an edge in getting through judging, you can also use them to reduce your rival idols chances of getting a high score.

We also have some details of two of the groups from Project 47 – Team Passion & Team Rising.

Team Passion is formed of girls from the Kyushu region. They have been the ‘Dream of Dreams’ winners for the last three consecutive years, this is mainly due to the popularity one of the girls, Ren Isahaya. As might be obvious from the name the team’s concept is Passion.

Team Rising is formed of girls from the Hokkaido and Touhoku regions. The group’s popularity has always been fairly stable but thanks to the recent joining of super-rookie, Hime Asahikawa, their popularity has soared and concert attendance in the second half of the year has set a new record for Project 47. The team concept for Team Rising is Dawn.

Here’s some artwork for Hime Asahikawa (c.v. Rika Tachibana). She’s beautiful and also very talented and intelligent. Although new she’s quickly been climbing the rankings due to her ability to sing, dance and entertain. She’s very ambitious and works hard to be the best that she can be.


Check out the new screenshots in the gallery below as well as the Tokyo Game Show 2016 trailer.

Idol Death Game TV is due out in Japan on October 20.