Bandai Namco has announced the addition of a new character played by one of the title’s music artists, and released some new gameplay video focused on Qubeley.

According to an announcement at the Tokyo Game Show, it looks like theme song artist Yuko Suzuhana will be playing an original character called Yuko Ortensia in the upcoming SD Gundam G Generation Genesis.

The partnership goes deeper than that however, as a voucher code for Suzuhana’s first solo album “Cradle of Eternity” will be included in first print copies of the game, and there’ll even be a special edition with covers of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn episode six theme “RE:I AM / Aimer,” and Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam opening theme “From the Aqueous Star with Love / Hiroko Moriguchi.”

Aside from news regarding Yuko Suzuhana collaborations, we’ve also got a look at Qubeley from Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ in action via a brand new gameplay trailer. Check it out below before you go.

SD Gundam G Generation Genesis is due out November 22nd in Japan and Asia (available with English subtitles in Asia).