What? Undated? Yep – the PlayStation Vita version of Akiba’s Beat has officially had its release date revoked in the Land of the Rising Sun.

While previously delayed ’til Winter 2016 in Japan, and then December (or so we thought), it seems that the Vita version of Akiba’s Beat never actually made that December window change after all. The PlayStation 4 version is coming December 15th, but it looks like the Vita version has gone from Winter 2016 to undated in the region.


Akiba’s Beat is headed to PlayStation Vita in Japan sometime down the line, while it appears that it’s dated for Q1 2017 in the West.

  • is this only in japan or is it going to cause the delay to the western version? realistically it shouldn’t

    • The release date revocation is only Japan (for now).

  • Lester Paredes

    Bracing for cancellation news. Please, don’t do this to meeee! I have it preordered. Lol