Bergsala Lightweight has released additional details and media for their recently announced Drive Girls game.

A 3D action game featuring girls who possess both battle and driving forms, Drive Girls is set to put you in the shoes of those girls – pitting you against an army of robotic insects. In battle form you’ll be able to unleash slick combo attack on your enemies using weapons and abilities, while your driving form will allow you to use the car’s body and speed as a method of attack.

Additionally, it’s been revealed that a sticker (decal) system has been added to style up and enhance your driving form’s abilities. Stickers will enable stat boosts, with combinations of stickers even able to activate additional boosts. There will be five places to put stickers on your driving form, so choose your additions wisely!

PS; Stickers will also be reflected on your girl’s battle form, as the car is part of your girl after all. 😉

Moving on, Drive Girls has been revealed to come with a “cast off system” which has your forms lose parts as you take damage from enemies. As your HP approaches zero you’ll enter a more dangerous (and naked) state – so you’ll have to be careful.

We previously revealed that there would be online multiplayer, but it has been further revealed that you’ll be able to use your custom characters in this mode – as well as the fact that it supports both ad-hoc and infrastructure modes.

Lastly, six of the title’s characters have been revealed, with character design by popular illustrator UGUME. These characters will be fully voiced, and present in the game’s full scenario.

They are…

  • Galaxa (cv; Aoi Koga) – A girl who remained alone on an island after the bugs attacked, trying to protect her homeland.
  • Lancier (cv; Aimi Tanaka) – The protagonist of the story, she’s a good person with hidden potential; something the school obviously can’t measure, as her grades are pretty mediocre.
  • Regalith (cv; Yumi Hara) – A coward with hidden potential, she possesses the most power of any of the Drive Girls.
  • Naviko (cv; Sayuri Hara) – A girl with a clear head and a good head on her shoulders, she aces her classes and often takes the place of the operator at headquarters.
  • Seven (cv; Satsumi Matsuda) – A girl who was developing a weapon called “Karms” at the technical institute, she came to the island upon hearing of the Professor’s disappearance.
  • The Professor (cv; Toa Yukinari) – An important figure in the story, she damaged her core shaft in an intense fight and is currently out of commission.
    • Drive Girls is due out at sometime in January 2017 for Japan.

      Has it piqued your interest yet?

    • Lester Paredes

      Yes, it has my interest. Please, be good.