Square Enix has released new information and media for their recently dated SaGa: Scarlet Grace, giving us some insight on the title now that we’re less than three months away from the Japanese release.

In SaGa: Scarlet Grace the story follows four protagonists; each with different abilities, personalities, and circumstances. Players will choose from one of the four and travel the world, the story changing significantly depending on who you choose.

The four characters you can pick from to start your adventure are as follows;


Urpina is a young and spontaneous woman of the Uranius family – the famed head of the four families, and the family set to accede the Shogunate. Because of her real mother’s early passing, she relies a lot on the remaining members of her family; her father, and brother Antonius. That said, she’s resolved to fit into her place as an imperial noble, and has an uncontrollable desire to carry her family on her back.

Raised properly and called “princess” by those around her, Urpina has an open and welcoming personality that shines on all those she comes across – no matter their standing. That said, she’s also got the heart of a warrior… and she’s resolved to improve her sword-fighting skills as much as possible in order to perfect the dual-wield technique.

Unfortunately, Urpina’s life takes a turn for the worse when tragedy strikes her home state of Silmium…


Leonard is a young man, and a farmer – able to skillfully wield a variety of farming tooks and devices. Hailing from the remote region of Yaksalt, he once was a mischievous boy who avoided adults at all cost; but now works on his grandfather’s farm. He’s trying to be a responsible adult, but the death of his grandfather this year has made it hard.

After helping a dying woman who collapsed on his farm, his luck flips on its head. In a fever dream she repeats “Go to Ai-Khanoum,” and for some reason the “command” influences Leonard – causing him to sell the farm and leave to find the fabled capital. His friends wouldn’t let him go alone however, so they decide to tag along.


Taria is a potter who has lived a frustrating life, but has now moved to a studio near the Termina Sea and settled into the calm life of potter making she always wanted. Things don’t always stay the way you want them however, and distortions in the world are creating distortions in her work.

Taria could live with the distortions and continue to make pottery if she could just understand the cause and identity of the phenomenon, but until then she’s too restless to work well. Realizing this, Taria sets out on a journey of discovery.


Balmaint comes from a long line of executioners, and himself is the executioner of Cohan Castle. He carries out his duties with nary a question, and always does his job.

One day however, a crooked administrator named Sigfrey starts a campaign of fear – calling for the execution of soldiers, politicians, and civilians alike. Balmaint simply does his job when called upon, as usual.

This continues on for a while, until Sigfrey is captured by political opponents and taken to the executioner for justice. His last words are “I will be resurrected seven times and show you the justice I will bring to this world.” Still smiling, Sigfrey’s head is removed…. but before long rumours of his reappearance stretch across the land.

Not wanting to see his job undone, Balmaint goes on a journey to find Sigfrey – and cut his head off seven more times.

Moving on from the characters, we’ve also been given information about the way the game and its systems work.

SaGa: Scarlet Grace utilizes a system whereby you are free to do anything on the map. Apparently, thousands of events are being prepared – and your choices will significantly effect your development. There are no dungeons in this game, and all events will occur on the world map.


In battle, you’ll use a turn-based system with a timeline set across the bottom of the screen to denote turn order. You’ll be able to see what actions enemies will take on this timeline, and hopefully you’l be able to make your own count more because of it.

As for your party, it can be filled with up to five players – and you’ll have six allies at the start of the game, with everyone you meet able to become a part of your team. Whoever you take into battle will share BP recovery between each turn, and depending on how your characters are arranged you may even get bonus effects such as a status boost. Each character is unique, and will develop further at the end of every battle – their individual personalities becoming stronger.


Looking to weapons, they come in nine varieties; each type having its own strengths and weaknesses. Many new sparks, battle formations, and techniques will be introduced as well, so battle shouldn’t feel boring in the least. 😉

I know that was a lot of information, but we’re not done yet! Check out a brand new trailer, followed by just over 30 minutes of gameplay from the Tokyo Game Show below;

Clocking in between 30 and 60 hours for a full play-through, SaGa: Scarlet Grace isn’t currently slated to have a demo – but the full game will be out in Japan on December 15th.


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