Uh-oh, things just got a little more troubling – as “hackers” have now uncovered a full English translation hidden inside the Chinese version of the game.

Not long ago, we had quite the snafu regarding Digimon World: Next Order. It’s been quite the ride to say the least, and it pretty much sums up as the following (in chronological order);

  • Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth releases on PlayStation Vita in Japan, then comes West.
  • Digimon World: Next Order is announced for Japan not long after Cyber Sleuth is announced for the West.
  • Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth releases in the West, charting quite a few times on the PlayStation Store top selling titles list.
  • Digimon World: Next Order releases in Japan, still no word on a Western localization.
  • Digimon World: Next Order releases in Asia, with a Chinese subtitled version put out (as well as the Japanese one)
  • Next Order is initially announced as PlayStation 4 only for the West, and there is no mention of Vita. People flip out.
  • There’s a correction sent out by PR, stating that Next Order will be coming to Vita digitally in the West, as well as to PlayStation 4. (We post our article covering it)
  • There’s a second correction sent out by PR, stating that the first correction was wrong and there is no Vita version of Next Order coming West.

That about catches us up to now, which is what’s concerning – as it has been discovered that an English subtitled version of the Vita game is not only complete, it’s kind of already available under a certain set of conditions.

Through the use of the Henkaku exploit system, an older version of the Vita’s firmware, some grey-area homebrew tools, and a copy of the Chinese subtitled version of the game, someone has uncovered that there are already a set of English subtitles hidden where nobody should have been able to find them.

Inside the Chinese subtitled copy of the game is a full set of English translations, which a user was even able to engineer back into the game and make it work (using that exploit). This means that Bandai Namco has already had the English version of the Vita title, and simply isn’t going to release it on the Vita in the West – opting for the PlayStation 4 version with some extra missions instead.

Why can’t they release this “Vanilla” version of the title over here? We’re not sure, but at this point they seem to be running out of excuses (and players seem to be running out of patience).


(PS; Don’t kill the messenger.)

  • DMSpider

    Couldn’t they just patch the existing title to allow access to the English subs? At least then we could import, though I’d rather they pulled their finger out and actually released it in the West. I was under the impression they were one of the better publishers for supporting the Vita.

  • Leon_Lionhart

    It’s to easy see why, the PS4 version is priced higher than the Vita version, having a lower priced version lowers their profit per copy. They make even less on Vita physical version, the production cost for Vita cart is 50% more than a bluray disc, Josh from LRG mentions that they make less on their Vita titles than the PS4, both version are priced the same.

    Unless western publishers share their sale numbers for each platform, I can’t take their word that Vita sales were terrible, maybe it did well, say around 40% copies sold were for the Vita version, what if vita physical copies sold more than the PS4 physical, lower profits because people bought the cheaper option so they axe the Vita’s physical version to boost PS4 physical sales, then axe the Vita afterwards.

  • Ryley

    Flaw in this information: No one has been able to replicate the process that was apparently used to “discover” these files, and no other “proof” exists other than these pictures.

  • Rafael Monk

    OMG it’s so fake…

  • There’s a source link at the bottom of the article.

  • Qhaider

    As I’m in the ‘dark side’, i can ensure you that is real as i playing it right now. That user actually want to start a translation project since bamco refuse to release vita ver. to the western but accidently found this file containing english text.

  • Lester Paredes

    How have I not seen this article before? Crap. Now I really hate Bamco…