We get new details regarding what makes the console version of the game so special.

Recently, John Lindvay of Red Hook Studios took to the PlayStation Blog to give us some new information regarding the console release of Darkest Dungeon – including details of some new content that will be making its debut on the platform. Before we can talk about what we’re getting however, I’ve got to explain a little background.

In Darkest Dungeon, objects of power called “Trinkets” are vital to one’s success. They come in many forms, including stones, herbs, accessories, religious artifacts, and items thought to be of witchcraft. Their effects vary, and these items are meant to aide your character in their journey, but they also have a price. Nothing in the Darkest Dungeon is free. (Muahahaha)

Ahem, now that you’ve got some background let’s get on to what’s coming in this PlayStation version.

First, players will now start fresh estates with two trinkets; on stone of patience, and one stone of endurance. According to Redhook Studios, this is a gift to the fans for their patience as they readied the game for our platform.

Next, players will be able to find three brand new, extremely rare trankets in the game. One of the trinkets has been revealed as “The Tempting Goblet,” which can be obtained from skeletal couriers. The other two seem to point to a threat “not yet made manifest,” so I imagine they don’t want to be too hasty in revealing that they are. 😉 Also, the four main dungeons have been embellished further, with a new background added to the Ruins, Weald, Warrens, and Cove areas.

Lastly, they’ve announced a new Town Event called “A Day Long Awaited” that looks to celebrate the PlayStation launch. It offers players a stagecoach brimming with bonus recruits, along with word of riches to be found beneath the estate. What are you to do!?!?! 😛

Headed to PlayStation Vita with a 20% PlayStation Plus discount for its first two weeks of availability, Darkest Dungeon is set to release tomorrow – September 27th.

Are you picking it up?

  • Lester Paredes

    The dankest of dungeons. I’m very interested. Wonder how much it’ll be. Don’t have much longer to find out!

    • Kevin Aaronson

      Steam price is $25.

  • eric

    I really want this one, -I plan on getting it for my Vita if the price is right. 😉

    • Slizarus

      $20 first 2 weeks