Compile Heart has added details to the game’s official website, outlining the scenarios for the first two hurdles you’ll face.

First up we get details regarding the game’s prologue, which happens to be titled “Chance Meeting.” It features Yurina as she makes her way to Leanbox, a powerful artifact called a Golden Fragment guiding her.


After hearing a sudden noise, she rushes towards it – moving deep into the forest in the process. There, Yurina meets two girls; IF and Compa. They’re confronted by a girl calling herself Neptune, and pulling monsters along.

Moving onto chapter 1 “The Curtain Rises on Leanbox,” the party arrives at their destination. They attempt to contact the goddess Vert, but instead a group of monsters appear in the area. The party assists in repelling these monsters, with their ultimate goal being to join up with Vert.


Little do they know however, something lurks in the shadows.

Nep-Nep Connect: Chaos Chanpuru is due out in Japan sometime this year.