Bandai Namco have released new details regarding some in-game elements, as well as the Western season passes.

First up, new places in the Town of Beginnings have been revealed – including the Transition Gate Square, the Shopping Arcade, the Observation Platform, the Park by the Lake, and the Kirito’s Room.

  • The Transition Gate Square is where all adventures are available.
  • The Shopping Arcade is where players can buy tons of different items.
  • The Observation Platform where you can check out a lovely view of the town.
  • The Park by the Lake is where you can find cafes and stores.
  • Kirito’s Room is where players can edit their avatars and discuss things with their party.
    • Additionally, it has been revealed that this title will include Blacksmiths as well. Blacksmiths are craftsmen with various skills and abilities, and they’re spread all throughout the world in Hollow Realization. Players must provide them with materials and their fee in order to obtain new or stronger equipment, with higher level equipment also harder to make.

      Lastly, details on the Western versions of the Season Pass have been revealed – and it looks like they’ll contain three DLC packs consisting of stages, maps, quests, scenario events, bosses, enemies, and even new characters. North America will get the pass for $24.99, while pricing for Europe is yet to be revealed.

      Sound good? Check out an English version of the Tokyo Game Show trailer below, followed by a ton of new screenshots showing off the newly introduced/detailed elements.

      Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization is due out October 27th in Japan, and November 8th in the West.