Aquaplus’ President has taken to Twitter to reveal some comparative evidence of The Two Hakuoros‘ high sales, which is backed up by day one sales numbers.

First up are the solid numbers, and according to the game’s official website it seems that Utawarerumono: The Two Hakuoros started its life on the market with a bang. Released on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita September 21st in Japan, it has been revealed to have sold over 130,000 copies on these platforms in its first 24 hours of availability.

While it’s true that we don’t have Vita-specific numbers yet (Media Create should have them shortly), we hear the series is popular on Vita in Japan – so I would expect a sizable chunk of that number to represent “us” as Vita owners.

Aquaplus President Naoya Shimokawa has also tweeted sales hints more recently however, and he claims that after just five days of sales The Two Hakuoros has surpassed the series’ last title The False Faces in lifetime sales. For reference, The False Faces released a year ago (as of September 24th, 2016) in Japan.

Good sales on new iterations? That’s what we like to hear. πŸ™‚

PS; In other news, it looks like The Two Hakuoros is the first title to effectively block its use on a Henkaku-enabled firmware (3.60) – so it may be a success in more ways than just sales numbers if that holds up.

  • Joep

    ‘block its use on a Henkaku-enabled firmware (3.60)’

    What do you mean by that? I don’t understand this? Can you explain this a bit more?

    • Henkaku is an exploit “hackers” are leveraging to enable the creation and use of custom programs and apps on the Vita without Sony’s permission. It only works on firmware 3.60 for now.

      In an attempt to block this, new games (two now, this was the first) require firmware 3.61 to run. Basically, this is the next step in the Vita anti-piracy war.

      • Joep

        Ah, thanks. I think I understand.

  • izanagi

    I really want to play this in EnglishπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜”