In the latest update to the official Rainbow Skies website it has been confirmed that the game is about 75% complete. They have also released new details on the game’s battle system.

If you’ve played Rainbow Moon then you’ll be familiar with it’s grid & turn-based battle system, there will of course be some tweaks and improvements!

For example on the battlefield you no longer need to select to move or attack from the battle menu. Instead you can simply push the directional buttons in the direction you want to move, or if an enemy is in a square next to you push in his/her/its direction to attack.


There’s also a new “damage prediction UI” which helps you to see roughly how effective your attack will be and shows your weapon affinity status in comparison to your enemy. This is just a prediction though and that there is still an element of randomisation, so it can’t predict if a hit will cause a critical hit or not. But it will be really helpful in determining how effective an attack/skill is in comparison to others.


The battle menu has a slick new design which you’ll need to use if you want to execute one of the less frequently used commands, such as using items or escaping from battle. You’ll also be able to access the skills menu directly by using the square button shortcut without opening the menu first.


Another really handy feature is that after executing a skill you’ll be able to see the XP bar for that skill and see its current level. You can unlock new skills by levelling up skills through continuous use.


When you pick up treasure you’ll see much more information compared to Rainbow Moon. You’ll also be able to learn new books and skills without closing the screen.


You’ll be able to see the turn order of characters and enemies for up to 20 turns. The order will also be immediately refreshed if the speed attribute of a unit changes during the battle.


There are also over 200 different skills to learn, so Rainbow Skies will keep you busy for quite a while!


What do you think of the new screenshots? I really enjoyed Rainbow Moon so am definitely keeping my eye out for when this is released!

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  • Lester Paredes

    Sounds interesting and more appealing than the first. To me, at least.

  • montie1965

    It’s on my wish list…

  • xxAcesHighxx

    Looking forward to this!