What a month to be a Vita owner! With titles such as Dragon Quest Builders, World of Final Fantasy and Yomawari: Night Alone amongst the new releases this month, there is a lot for you to get excited about! Be sure to keep an eye on the site in the coming weeks for all the news and reviews of these titles as and when we have them!

Now we all know that some games can appear out of the blue and release on our favourite handheld with only a few days notice, but here are the key titles that we can expect this month;

Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors

Release Date – October 11th NA
Publisher – NIS America
Genre – RPG


Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors is set around a group of ‘Semi-Sinners’, a group of people who were set to commit a crime in the future but died at a young age. Semi-Sinners are given a chance of Rebirth by going through a program known as Resurrection. A hero is set to guide seven female Semi-Sinners up a tower filled with challenges filled with trials.

In the game, the hero only expects to guide six Semi-Sinners through the tower, but when he discovers the seven girls – who all come with their unique personalities – his suspicions soon arise that one of them is actually a real sinner.

The seven Semi-Sinners are Shinoa, an honours student who is closely following the main protagonist. Riri, a dismissive girl who can be impulsive. Kuroe, a socially awkward girl who relies on ventriloquism to make conversation. Mizuki, a mood setter who can also be rather clumsy. Sui is a sharp tongued girl who likes to analyse situations and can often cause arguments with her ways of speaking to others.

Yurine is a quiet and soothing girl who is optimistic and likes to approach things at her own pace. And lastly Sukasa who is a fan of sexual harassment and likes to bother the main protagonist, quite an odd bunch if you ask me!

The main aim of the game is to help the Semi-Sinners find Ressurection, but they will often need to be punished to make sure they are behaving themselves, this can lead the player having to massage them or even spanking them!

Dragon Quest Builders

Release Date – October 11th NA / October 14th EU
Publisher – Square Enix
Genre – RPG


Dragon Quest Builders’ story is a ‘what if’ story set in the aftermath of the original Dragon Quest. In this timeline, the hero from DQ1 accepted a deal with the evil Dragonlord rather than slaying him – plunging the world into despair and darkness. The few inhabitants of the land that survived have been scattered throughout the world, no longer able to understand the concept of creativity and settling for a life of sifting and scavenging through what remains in the ruins of the land.

It is here where Dragon Quest Builders begins, when the protagonist (who can either be male or female) is awoken by a Guardian Spirit and given the title of the Legendary Builder. This makes you the only person in the land who has the knowledge to create objects through both imagination and combination – meaning it is up to you to restore former glory to this land that has been ravaged by darkness!

Gameplay wise, you can expect Dragon Quest Builders to combine the classic Dragon Quest RPG formula with the endless possibilities of the crafting available in Minecraft to make a sandbox action RPG where only your imagination is the limit.

If you want to build something, there are only three steps to achieve your dreams;

1. Plan what you want to build
2. Gather the required resources
3. Begin building to create your masterpiece

Unlike Minecraft, Dragon Quest Builders has a storyline, so don’t worry about this game losing the magic that a Dragon Quest narrative brings. There will be plenty of side quests and NPCs to meet to ensure that this game still offers a full, RPG experience.

Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni

Release Date – October 11th NA
Publisher – Marvelous Inc.
Genre – Action


Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni is a game where girls’ bodies become the weapons. From Exploding Breasts producer Kenichiro Takaki comes a new “Exploding Breasts Hyper Battle” game. The story is set on Bhikkhuni, one of five artificial islands. Gameplay revolves around the girls who can weaponize their bodies and the girls who wield them, making for an intense, exhilarating action battle game.

Gameplay proceeds over the course of two phases: adventure parts and action parts. Action parts are conducted within fully polygonal gameplay fields, with players tasked to defeat enemies as they work to achieve the objectives at hand. During combat, the girls work in pairs and by raising their Synchronization, various events can trigger during battle like Multi-Step Weaponization, altered combos, conversations, and more. Pulling off super strong special moves can also potentially tear apart the clothes of friend and foe alike!

Kyle reviewed an import copy of Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkuni and scored it a 4.5/5 saying that “Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni is a game that fills the needs of life and hometown to anyone coming from the Senran series, but is different enough to feel like it’s not just slapping a skin on our favourite shinobis. While the Senran series on Vita is very much a medium paced musou title with unique characters and tons of tits, Bhikkhuni is a fast paced action title that’s slightly more akin to Devil May Cry. It’s all about quick change, grand moves, and being able to close the gap in a moment. It’s a bit of a different beast, and while that’s not immediately apparent, it soon becomes so once you begin to play.

If you are intrigued by this title, be sure to check out Kyle’s full review here!

Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky

Release Date – October 18th NA & EU
Publisher – Aksys Games
Genre – RPG

Exist Archive_20160421174842

Exist Archive isn’t your standard RPG fare. You die right off the bat in a massive explosion. Boom! Gone. The end. Or is it? While you certainly aren’t explosion proof, your journey is certainly not over before it started. Instead, you awake in a surreal realm, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Are you dead? Are you alive? Are you now an immortal being that wields the power of an evil god?

The short answers are “Yes,” “No,” and “Yes.” The explosion that ended your everyday life was triggered by the soul of an evil god named Yamatoga. You and 11 other people (who are also no longer living) are now immortal vessels for the soul of Yamatoga. As is to be expected when one becomes newly imbued with evil god powers, you and your comrades find yourselves mixed up in an ancient conflict involving a gaggle of gods and massive stakes.

Exist Archive features a robust story as well as loads of side quests that fans of the JRPG genre have no doubt come to expect. tri-Ace continues the tradition of side-view dungeons a la Valkyrie Profile. Combat consists of a strategic combo system where each character’s attack corresponds to a button, and executing bigger combos dishes significant punishment to any foes unfortunate to stand in your way. Mixing attacks and changing party formation alters your skill development as well.

Get ready to go out with a bang, RPG fans! Brandish godlike powers in intense combo based battles with unspeakable horrors and vicious bosses all while strategically developing skills.

Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls

Release Date – October 18th NA / October 21st EU
Publisher – Idea Factory
Genre –


Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls heads to the Vita this October boasting both PlayStation TV compatibility and the fact that it will be available in both digital and physical editions.

Here’s the official introduction, courtesy of the press release;

Our story begins in the mysterious halls of an ancient library…The Grand Library holds the history of the world within its shelves. Legend says that if one was to tamper with the books kept there, the past itself could be completely rewritten… A daring adventurer known as IF discovered the location of this revered library and finally crossed its threshold. Little did she know, a disaster of historical proportions was about to occur before her very eyes. Books began to vanish from the library’s shelves; the history of the world was disappearing before her and the reasons for this occurrence were shrouded in mystery.

IF sets out on a journey across time to uncover the truth! Will she be able to work together with both the Sega Hard Girls and Goddesses to recover the lost history? Will they really be able to save the world?

Are you excited yet?

Check out some of the title’s key features;

  • A History of SEGA to Love! Introducing Sega Hatsumi, Dream Cast, Sega Saturn, Game Gear, Mega Drive! Familiar faces Neptune, IF, Nepgear, Plutia, and Uzume return as playable characters!
  • Be Anything You Want! Change classes to switch up stats to customize your team! There are also special skills only specific classes can use!
  • IF is Her Own Stuntman! Maneuver through treacherous dungeon terrains with various actions like jump, dash, climb, crawl, to reach items or special rewards, and even destroy objects to clear the path ahead!
  • Fever Time! Jump to obtain the rainbow gem and unleash Fever Time! This reduces enemy turns during battle, enables HDD form, and raises stats by 10% to give you the advantage!

Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters Daybreak: Special Gigs World Tour

Release Date – October 21st EU
Publisher – NIS America
Genre – Visual Novel


Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters: Daybreak Special Gigs World Tour is an enhanced edition of Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters that adds a whole new episode, a revised battle system as well as several other features – although news has been quiet on what these features are!

Shizuka, a guest writer here on The Vita Lounge reviewed the original version of the game last year and gave it a 3.3/5, saying ‘Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters is a nice addition to the Vita’s library, and is different from most games that are being released for the system lately – just don’t expect to be too impressed; ghosts exist, and middling games as well.

World of Final Fantasy

Release Date – October 25th NA / October 28th EU
Publisher – Square Enix
Genre – RPG


World of Final Fantasy combines classic RPG gameplay mechanics with fresh and imaginative toy-like visuals. As a brand-new title in the FINAL FANTASY franchise, this game can be enjoyed by both fans and newcomers to the series. Players will lead a pair of twins through varied FINAL FANTASY worlds and encounter the adorably familiar monsters therein. Capture and raise such familiar beasts as cactuar, chocobo, and behemoth to discover alternate forms and learn new abilities.

One of the key features of the game is a “stacking” ability—the siblings can adjust their size, turning small enough to jump onto the monsters during combat, or vice versa, shrink the monsters small enough to ride on the twins. By customizing and stacking their army of monsters, players can create strategic tower combinations and take on the most challenging opponents.

Yomawari: Night Alone

Release Date – October 25th NA / October 28th EU
Publisher – Square Enix
Genre – RPG


Yomawari: Night Alone, the successor to htoL#NiQ: the Firefly Diary, features a unique blend of survival horror with stealth action gameplay. Along the way, you will find all sorts of objects from keys to slippers to cat biscuits, some of them vital to solving the mystery of the town and its eerie inhabitants at night, while others useful to distract evil spirits when they attack. As the story unfolds, more answers will lead to more questions, and the open-world environment of Yomawari: Night Alone allows for maximum freedom to wander anywhere at almost any time. But remember that everything has eyes and ears…

With every step around the corner or into a dark alleyway, you will not only need reflexes to outrun bloodthirsty monsters and spirits, but also wits as you outsmart the ones that strike faster than you can blink; letting down your guard for even one moment may spell instant death. Only the silence of the night, the unsettling chirping of crickets, and your own lonely footsteps will accompany you as danger lurks around every corner, waiting to strike without warning!


Release Date – October TBC NA & EU
Publisher – Curve Digital
Genre – Platformer


Coming from developer Fiddlesticks, Hue is a “charming and vibrant puzzle-platformer” which features a colour changing mechanic as a way yo shift different panes into play. Boasting a “vivid art style with clever level design” mixed with “touching” narrative, the game is a platforming adventure as refreshing as it is colourful!

Everyone that the titular character, Hue, encounters can only see in greyscale but the world around Hue is far from black and white and whilst on a journey to solve his mother’s disappearance, Hue begins to piece together her discarded research, which leads to him discovering the ability to see the world’s hidden colours and change it to alter reality. As the background shifts between shades, rifts form, and obstacles slip between pigmented dimensions.

As more details are uncovered relating to his mother, Hue learns to manipulate the game world around him in increasingly sophisticated ways, affecting objects, unlocking new areas and interacting with the environment in new ways. Hue will also encounter a hugely diverse cast of characters in an incredibly witty and inventive world full of wonder and intrigue.


Release Date – October TBC NA & EU
Publisher – Crunching Koalas
Genre – Action / Arcade


Lichtspeer is a game set in a mythical Germanic space world in AD3069 and it is an action/arcade “lightspear-throwing simulator”.

Lichtspeer’s world is filled with all sorts of creatures, like Penguin Vikings, Wurst Zombies and even Hipster Ice Giants and survival is an art form. Luckily, a champion blessed with an extremely elegant weapon has been summoned to please the gods, and it’s down to you to restore order to the universe.

By equipping your lightspear (think of a Light Saber, but one that you throw like a javelin) you’ll venture across the many lands from German myths, survive in style and amuse the almighty Lichtgods!

Space Overlords

Release Date – October TBC NA & EU
Publisher – Excalibur Games
Genre – Action

Space Overlords1

Space Overlords sees you playing as one of four different characters with a score to settle. Your mission will see you set off on a mission of retaliation against the evil Kesedihan, liberate planets that she has dominated and set her on a journey of annihilation.

The game will initially feature seven galaxies in a single player mode, with you playing either the main gameplay, co-operative or gameplay loop on the eight planets in each galaxy. The multiplayer aspect of the game will see you facing off against other players in four modes.

Other features you can expect to see in Space Overlords include;

  • Create planets using the built in level editor
  • Share new planets and then attack other players’ planets for action packed gameplay
  • Pick-up-and-play free rampage – destroy every building and inhabitant of a planet before time runs out
  • Enjoy playing as a different race with a choice of up to six Overlords
  • PVP Multiplayer mode (up to four players)
  • Upgrade your character with items and power ups adds to pace of the game
  • Local and Multiplayer modes
  • A whole host of different levels including variable game levels with switchable core mechanic
  • Four playable characters

So there we have the key titles that are set to release for the PlayStation Vita this October!

If you prefer your new release info in a video format, be sure to check out Kyle’s preview video below – and be sure to subscribe to The Vita Lounge’s YouTube channel for more awesome Vita videos!

Let us know which of the above titles (if any) you will be picking up in the comments below!

  • DCGX

    Wow, there’s a lot of releases. Shovel Knight is also having its physical release later this month courtesy of fan gamer.

    I’ll be preordering World of Final Fantasy today. I’ll wait for reviews on Exist Archive, Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls (because I’m a SEGA fanboy) and Yomawari. I’m not sold on those three yet.

  • xxAcesHighxx

    Hue and Lichtspeer are on my radar, but are we not expecting any more indies?

    World of Final Fantasy looks fantastic, too.

  • Lester Paredes

    Oh man. My wallet, she weeps. My vita, she sings!