According to a post by “redhookjohn” (The Mentalist reference?) on the game’s official website, it looks like we’re in for a bloody good time in 2017.

Darkest Dungeon recently released on PlayStation Vita (and PS4), and it seems that people are really enjoying it – my Twitter feed regularly inundated with comments and screens. Red Hook Games seems to have noticed, and they’ve announced that the base game isn’t all we’re set to receive.


Heading to PlayStation Vita and other platforms in 2017 is The Crimson Court, the only hint at its contents being the posted and a single quote; β€œThe Blood! I must have the Blood!”

Are you interested?

We’ll have more on this DLC as we head towards its projected “early 2017” release window, but our review of the base game will be available very soon (so keep an eye out for that too). πŸ˜‰

  • Lester Paredes