Recent information drops from Weekly Jump have confirmed seven more characters (including Mirages) for World of Final Fantasy.

First up we have the confirmation that a male version of Shiva called Shiiva (cv; Mamoru Miyano) will be appearing in World of Final Fantasy as a Mirage, bringing along a cool personality and powerful ice magic. Along with Shiiva, a female version of Ifrit has been revealed. Called Ifrita (cv; Yukari Tamura), this mirage is both frightening and dangerous – eating human souls to survive.

Three other Mirages have been shown as well, with the L-size Phoenix, S-size Imp, and the L-size Ramiu making appearances. Ramiu is actually the granddaughter of Ramuh – a common Final Fantasy summon, and is a powerful Mirage that can use thunder magic.

Moving on to the revealed characters, we can now confirm that Shantotto (cv; Megumi Hayashibara) from Final Fantasy XI will appear. Able to use “Magic Burst” to inflict serious damage to a single enemy, she can also use it to increase the party’s magic power – a double whammy.

Then there’s Rikku (cv; Marika Matsumoto) from Final Fantasy X, a girl with a glowing personality who works as a treasure hunter on the sea.

World of Final Fantasy is due to release October 25th in North America, October 27th in Japan, and October 28th in Europe.