Square Enix has released more details and a myriad of screenshots for their upcoming game, World of Final Fantasy. In this latest information dump, they introduced the Final Fantasy legend characters Snow, Rydia, and Tifa, as well as a new character tied to Heart Quests.

Here’s all the information:


  • Snow (voiced by Daisuke Ono)


A hot-blooded, small-town, jack-of-all-trades, and all-around decent guy who helps those in need.

  • Shiva Ixion


A Mirage summoned by Snow, this Ixion-type Shiva wields ice powers.

  • Saver Summon Snow: “Ruler Fist”


A powerful cooperative attack shared between Snow and Shiva Ixion, “Ruler Fist” ignores defenses and deals damage to all enemies while boosting the physical defenses of allies.

  • Rydia (voiced by Noriko Shitaya)


A Summoner of the Mist Dragon, Rydia meets the protagonists while looking through the distorted history within the Scarlet Prophecy Book.

  • Tifa (voiced by Ayumi Ito)


Although at times she can be a bit reckless, Tifa is caring and helps the protagonists despite them being strangers to her. With her martial art skills, she protects them from a dangerous Mirage.

  • Saver Summon Tifa: “Final Seven”


A ground-breaking punch that deals physical damage to a single enemy, ignores their defenses, and boosts the physical attack power of allies.

  • Girl Who Forgot Her Name (voiced by Aya Hirano)


The mysterious manager for Heart Quest, this girl speaks very little and hires out Lann and Reynn.

World Introduction:

  • Babil Area


Dark clouds loom over this area along with a conspicuous building in the distance.

  • Nibelheim


A neon-lit town where Tifa can be found.

  • Mako Reactor 0


There are plenty of machines in operation, an effective use of the electric shock support ability will be necessary to make it through here.

Heart Quests

Heart Quests are sub stories related to Final Fantasy legend characters.

The Girl’s Room


A very special, very dark room with a really large clock. This is where you can accept Heart Quests from the girl who forgot her name.

Heart Quests will allow you to witness the sub stories of the Final Fantasy legend characters. There will be a star system to represent the difficulty of individual quests, and to accept these quests you need “Alma Gems”.

These quests are supposedly able to be enjoyed by fans of the Final Fantasy series and newcomers alike.



Battle with friends or Mirages you’ve previously encountered within the game. You can also trade Mirages.


10 new Mirages have been introduced. Included are:

Moo (S-size)

Water Frog (S-size)

Carbuncle (S-size)

Flan (M-size)

Duo Lizard (M-size)

Searcher (S-size)

Magitek Armor (L-size)

Maduin (L-size)

Titan (L-size)

Tiamat (L-size)

And finally, here’s the whole load of screenshots:

World of Final Fantasy is scheduled for release this year on PS Vita and PS4 on October 25th in North America, October 27th in Japan, and October 28th in Europe.