Sega has released some new information and a handful of screenshots for their upcoming game Valkyria: Azure Revolution. This news comes side by side with the launch of their Battle Demo Ver. 2.0, which can only be accessed via the Japanese PlayStation Store by those who already have access to Demo Ver. 1.0, or those who obtain download codes via a handful of real-life promotional events in Japanese cities.

Here are the details:

Anti-Valkyria Unit Headquarters


Headquarters for the Vanargand (a.k.a. the Anti-Valkyria Unit). This is where you’ll be taking on missions and organizing your party before going into battle.

Supply Representative (Buying Items)

Stock up and buy items using your reward money from missions or other sources of revenue.

Adjutant (Mission Select)


In Battle Demo Ver. 2.0 you can play these missions:

“Base Assault Mission on the Imperial Road”

“Grohtsen Recapture Strategy”

“Defeat the Valkyria Mission”

Basil’s Magic Factory


The economics representative of the Five Grave Sinners runs a Magic Arts Industry factory. His name is Basil, and his company prepares weapons for the Vanargand. In the full game you will be able to carry out “Magic Build Weapon Enhancements” and “Side Arm Developments”.

Side Arm Development

Additional weaponry that can be equipped, listed in the categories of “throwing bombs” and “guns”.

Army Battle Mission: Grohtsen Recapture Strategy


An assault on a military base of the empire. Attack from the back door of the warehouse, fight the empire’s army, and use the unique terrain of the military base to your advantage. Rival character “Maxim” will show up after you clear the mission.

Valkyria Battle Mission: Defeat the Valkyria Mission


Valkyria are you strongest and most fearsome opponents. They only take damage from Ragnite-based attacks, and can also control the “Emotions” that act as a weapon to players. And event involving Brunhild and Ophelia with will occur if you can complete this mission.

What is Ragnite?


Ragnite only exists for the amount of Magic Arts, and can be obtained during missions. It can also be bought and traded in the city of Elsinore.

Equipping Ragnite

Equip Ragnite to characters to customize the Magic Arts you can use in battle. Magic users Amleth and Ophelia have exclusive Ragnite, and aside from them each character can be equipped with all Ragnite. The effectiveness of the Ragnite will differ between each character and certain ranks will need to be obtained before equipping specific Ragnite.

Ragnite Ranks

Depending on the rank of individual Ragnite, Magic Arts may perform differently. Each Magic Art has three stages of power corresponding with rank. High ranking Magic Art cannot be used by those not specially attributed and the Ragnite will not equip.

Ragnite Additional Skills

Ragnites have a maximum of three skills, skills that extend Magic Arts in a variety of ways such as: Power up, Reduced RP consumption, Attack range up, and so on.

Ragnite Weapon Strengthening


Each member is equipped with a Ragnite weapon. These weapons can be enhanced through a skill tree which requires consuming Ragnite. Examples of weapon enhancements include things like Attack/Defense/Magic Power/Magic Defense stat increases, raise Max RP, more Ragnite equipment slots, Ragnite attribute capacity (rank limitations), and strengthening evasion.

Now here’s a whole lot of screenshots:

Valkyria: Azure Revolution is set for release in Japan on January 19th (for PS Vita and PlayStation 4).

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