It wasn’t long ago that we brought you the sad news that Read Only Memories was being delayed indefinitely. According to a statement on the Midboss website it looks like we might get our hands on the game in 2017, late is definitely better than never!

According to the blog post the studio ran into various difficulties when trying to port to PSVita which is why they announced that they would release the PS4 version first and then the PSVita version at a later date. They have since decided to delay the PS4 version as well after running into more problems after a software update.

Check out Midbosses statement below:

Long story short.

We played too hard and fast into release dates, thinking we could meet all the requirements needed to get 2064 onto consoles with flying colors without fully understanding the process. Now we know better, and because of that, we’re working hard to bring you the most solid and complete 2064 experience we can. Releasing the game the way we originally intended, and the way we believe our fans (and newcomers) would most appreciate it.

They’ve also said on the blog post that they intend to release a new demo to show off some of the new voice acting and new visuals.

So, it’s looking a bit more positive now that Read Only Memories will still make it over to PSVita. Fingers crossed that there aren’t too many more bumbs on the road for this release!

  • Lester Paredes

    I thought it already released on PS4. Well, at least it’s not the c word that rhymes with ‘constellation’, which is another c word, I guess…

  • addictedtoretro

    Well that’s unexpected good news. I won’t hold my breath but it was one of my most anticipated releases when I first heard of it. Fingers crossed.