Square Enix has announced the existence of a Japanese demo for World of Final Fantasy, and has also released some platform comparison videos to help put potential buyers at ease.

Looking to try World of Final Fantasy before you buy it? If you’ve got access to a Japanese PSN account you can do just that very soon! Square Enix has announced that a PlayStation Vita demo will be releasing on the Japanese PSN October 17th, giving you a chance to try the game out over a week before its release.

That’s not the whole of it though, as it’s been revealed that the demo will let you play through a dungeon from the game in an original way. You’ll be playing as Lann and Reynn in the demo – able to collect Mirages, pick up items, search a dungeon, and even fight a boss.

Sound good?

Well make sure to grab the demo on the 17th and give it a try, but don’t delete your save data ’til after you install the full version; save data from the demo will unlock the special Mirage “Magitek Armor P” in the arena (if present when starting up the full game).

Have we got you excited? Well there’s more of that to come, as we’ve got platform comparison videos for the title below;

Notable differences seem to be that the Vita version requires separate download of voice-overs (for free), the resolution (1080p on PS4 vs 540p on Vita), the amount of detail in the on-screen models, and the draw distance. Multiplayer also requires PlayStation Plus on PS4, but us Vita players are unaffected by that. 😉

World of Final Fantasy is due out October 25th in North America, 27th in Japan, and 28th in Europe – with a demo hitting Japan on the 17th. It will not be PlayStation TV compatible.

  • Lester Paredes

    It will not be PSTV compatible. And that makes me sad. Sometimes, I want to play on a tv without having to buy the game again… Thankfully, everything else seems cool.

    • yeah, the fact that we cannot play it on PS TV sucks…! but i’m sure it will be a fun game, also on VITA! already pre-ordered it months ago