FuRyu and Aquria have released the version 1.05 update for Caligula, adding some welcome new features to the mix.

It seems that the powers that be (read; whoever’s in charge of updates) has been paying attention to players’ wants and needs – as the changes issued in this Caligula version bump seem like they’re straight out of someone’s wish list. It might be time to return to the game, and let me tell you why.


First up we’ve got the ability to start a New Game +, where you’ll be able to carry over your progress into a repeat of the story. According to Gematsu, it looks like the following will carry over with you;

  • Character level
  • Experience points
  • Skill level
  • Character skill acquisitions
  • Skill points
  • Each character’s equipped Stigma
  • The Stigma you possess
  • Student friendship levels
  • Causality Links
  • World reward unlocks
  • World reward items within treasures
  • DLC items
  • Play time

That’s pretty much everything I’d assume!

That said, that’s certainly not all we’re getting with the update – as we’ll also be able to play new game plus with increased enemy levels (number of turns x 10 levels added), have rematches against bosses by finding where you originally fought them, warp between save points outside of Grand Guignol, and even play a new post-game area.

Caligula is already available in Japan (and is discounted 35% ’til the 28th on the Japanese PSN), but is also slated to be released in the West sometime during the Spring of 2017 – hopefully with this update baked into the base release. 😉

  • this is one of the reasons I bought a vita a while back. I wish it got a physical release of some sort when it gets released in english

  • tilt

    Gonna be great to see this drop in the west next year.