Compile Heart has released additional information and media for their upcoming dungeon RPG Divine Prison Tower: Mary Skelter, detailing the Huge Nightmare enemies and showing off a new trailer.

According to the latest from Compile Heart, it looks like Nightmares won’t be your only worry in a dungeon – Huge Nightmares will be there to mess you up too. Three-to-four stories tall, Huge Nightmares are fought in dynamic battles that require all its parts to be destroyed in order to win.


In order to survive long enough to win however, you’ll need to learn how to evade. When a Huge Nightmare’s attack is about to hit an area, it’ll highlight in red (as shown below). If you see that red highlight where you’re standing, move!


Additionally, you’ll find special devices on the map when you’re up against a Huge Nightmare, and by making use of the Chishiki Girls’ abilities you can activate these devices and land devastating blows to the enemy.


Sound interesting?

Well check out this new trailer for some more Mary Sketler!

Divine Prison Tower: Mary Skelter is due out October 13th in Japan.