EastAsiaSoft has been in touch to reveal another limited edition print of Söldner-X 2: Final Prototype, which is likely to be headed our way just the other side of the new year.

I guess the Limited Run Games print of Söldner-X 2: Final Prototype wasn’t enough to satiate the minds of consumers (or publisher EastAsiaSoft), as a second limited edition of the title is currently being put together for self-publishing.

The EastAsiaSoft-released print of Final Prototype will include the title’s The Last Chapter DLC on the cart, bringing you the game and the add-on for one low price (and in a way that allows the DLC to be region free). This new version of the game will also include English, Japanese, French, and German language options – along with PlayStation TV support, a platinum trophy, and even a colour (English) manual.

As for the cover, it seems there are three options currently being considered;


You can vote for which one you’d prefer via EastAsiaSoft’s website here, with the option to get #2 and #3 as a reversible cover my favourite of the bunch. 😉

Sound like something you might buy? Well good news, as this one’s closing fast; the projected release being sometime in January of 2017. Just how many copies the printing will contain has yet to be announced by EastAsiaSoft, but you can be sure that when it is (or any other detail drops) you’ll hear it right here.


  • darkknezz

    Dang it!!!!! I got the LRG version and it didnt come with the DLC…


    • DCGX

      The LRG version does include the DLC.

    • Limited Run Games

      Our version does have the DLC.

      • MrBroBotBrian

        Hey thanks guys, i think I asked on twitter and never got a response. That’s awesome!

  • eric

    So maybe I am not understanding this correctly,
    but will this new run be the same as the ones we purchased from LRG’s? If so that ain’t cool. I thought it was a limited run!

    • Is it the same software content wise? Yes.
      Is it the same packaging? No.

      They’re both still “limited” as each printing is unique, they’re just not limited in overall availability. It’s still just as hard to get either of these releases, but less hard to get at least one.

      • eric

        ah, got it …(thanks).

        guess that just means that I’ll have to purchase the new release as well. 😉
        Wish I didn’t collect these things!!! LOL.