Square Enix has announced that the recently revealed Japanese demo will also be headed West, and has shared the opening cinematic with us. Yay for inclusion!

We recently outlined a demo for World of Final Fantasy that’s set to hit Japan on October 17th, but Square Enix has chimed in on the matter… and has expanded that availability announcement to include North America and Europe.

Set to release there on the same day as the Japanese demo release, this Western version of the demo will let you take Lann and Reynn (and their Jiant and Lilikin forms) for a test run. You can take on Mirages and encounter classic Final Fantasy characters such as Cloud, Lightning, and Squall – earning access to the “Magitek Armor P” via the full game’s coliseum.


Well check out the game’s opening cinematic for another early taste;

World of Final Fantasy is due out October 25th in North America, 27th in Japan, and 28th in Europe – but the demo hits all regions on the 17th.

  • Lester Paredes

    Sweet, sweet demos!

  • Skillz

    So… I have a doubt… To get Sephiroth, do i have to pre-order or if i get the game on day one still get it?