Thanks to D3 Publisher and Witchcraft we have some more information and screenshots of Idol Death Game TV. A game about a bunch of idols in a deadly competition to become the center idol of the group Project 47.

There are a number of ‘Judgements’ that the idols need to pass in order to stay in the competition. The second and third judgments consist of the Dance Judgment and Acting Ability Judgment. Idols who surpass the required amount of points will pass judgment. By raising an idol’s spirits and buying items you are more likely to succeed.


Some items will be pretty expensive but you can use ‘Baku Royale’ which lets you steal a large quantity of coins from your rival. Later in the game you’ll also be able to use ‘Bakuro Words’ which you can use to hit your opponents with a surprising scandal.

Rival idols won’t just sit back and take this however, they’ll also be trying to start rumours and scandals against you. You can buy Bakuro Words and obtain memos that contain scandal hints whilst exploring the mansion. In order to win the coveted center idol position you’ll need to pass judgment by relentlessly dropping rumors and scandals on your opponents. Be prepared to harden your heart in order to succeed!


When you first begin the game you will play through from Chiharu Chigasaki‚Äôs perspective. Once this story is cleared you can play through six scenarios from the perspective of six other idols. By playing through the game from different perspectives you’ll learn a great deal about the various motivations of each character. Also by meeting certain requirements throughout the game you can experience a special hidden scenario called the D.o.D. Chapter.

Idol Death Game TV is due out in Japan on October 20. What do you think so far? Are you hoping for a Western release? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Lester Paredes

    Looks nice. Hope it’s good!