Some new information has come forth from PQube regarding their upcoming visual novel Root Letter. Specifically, they’re giving us details on the 8 main characters within the game.

The setting of the game is a realistic Matsue, Shimane Prefecture, and these characters that inhabit it all harbor some regret and nostalgia.

Fumino Aya


A Tokyo-born only child, Fumino Aya is a high school senior with interests in history and mythology. She’s also your pen pal from 15 years ago. You used to think she was kind and passionate back then, but as you investigate her disappearance you start to question everything you thought you knew about her.

Ishihara Yukari


Ishihara Yukari is the spawn of an advertising executive and a diner waitress, and now the curator of the Shimane Art Museum. She has somewhat of an inferiority complex when it comes to her older sister, as Yukari was not offered the same privilege of going to a prestigious university as her sister was. Still, her career is successful and she manages to stay optimistic.

Omori Jun


Owner of one of the best patisseries in Shimane, Omori Jun has a kind and gentle demeanor, but there may be something dark hidden underneath his pleasant exterior.

Tanaka Kousuke


Tanaka is mild mannered, lacks confidence, and has a moderate speech impediment. In his youth he was always the most intelligent in his class, and many thought he would be destined for great things. At some point however, his grades began to fall off a cliff. What happened 15 years ago that destroyed his perfect academic record?

Watanabe Masaya


Once a star athlete in his prime (high school), Watanabe Masaya got his dreams of becoming a professional baseball player crushed by an injury that left him on the side-lines. It turned out to be an even steeper fall from grace as the tragedy caused him to turn to a life of petty crime. He eventually managed to turn himself back around as an adult and is now the PE instructor at the local school. What was it that brought him back from the brink?

Murakami Misaki


Murakami Misaki is a television presenter for a local station. She can be a bit curt, and what she really wants in life is to be a serious news reporter. Misaki believes that being truthful and impartial is of the utmost importance when it comes to reporting…but that may seem a little hypocritical when you learn the events of her past.

Nozu Shota


Born into a life of wealth and privilege, Nozu Shota lived in luxury until his father’s company was caught in fraud. Shota quickly went from the top to the bottom, facing a life of poverty that he had not yet known before. Now he works as a bartender, still bitter over what happened and blaming it all on someone else.

Sasaki Riko


Just an average housewife, Sasaki Riko is far from where she wanted to be in life. She wanted to use her beauty and talent to have a successful career as an actress, so she could amount to fame and riches and be able to support her parents. Her daughter seems to following that same ideal path, and Riko might just be envious because of it.

As you investigate the disappearance of Fumino Aya, you’ll come across and interact with each of these characters. Through them you might be able to unravel more of the mystery and the crime Aya supposedly committed 15 years ago. But to find the truth, you’ll first have to dig up all of their hidden regrets.

Root Letter releases on PS Vita and PS4 this October 28th for Europe, and November 10th for North America.