The Japanese demo for Reco Love‘s Blue Ocean title is now available on the region’s PSN, giving you an early taste of the PhotoKano-like gameplay.

Clocking in at a rather hefty 1619MB, this newly released Reco Love: Blue Ocean demo allows you to play up to level 2 – or one week of in-game time. The game will save at the end of the last day, with the saved data able to be transferred to the retail version of Reco Love: Blue Ocean.

Interested in meeting the ladies? Grab the demo on the Japanese webstore here.

Reco Love: Blue Ocean and Reco Love: Gold Beach are both due to release tomorrow (October 20th) in Japan.

PS; Check out four more free event videos before you go, courtesy of Famitsu;

Nagisa Misaki

Naruse Mahiru

Rinze Himeragi

Mariana Prinsilla

Almost makes you want to beg for a localization, doesn’t it? 😛