It’s been a while coming, but it looks like you’ll finally be able to pick up that physical copy of Volume just a few days after Hallowe’en.

According to Limited Run Games’ online webstore, it looks like 4,800 Vita copies of isometric stealth game Volume will be available for purchase on November 4th – part of the stock going out at 10am, and the other part following at 6pm (both Eastern).


Well for just $24.99 you’ll get yourself both both a gold foil cover and a 24-page full-color manual, so make sure to mark your calendar and grab a copy when the time comes!

  • DCGX

    My calendar is marked.

  • eric

    I understand the risk of not getting a copy, but I would like to see LRG do a small 1200 copy run of a future release (like they did on some of the earlier releases). …guessing that LRG’s is growing and promising more and more sales to dev’s …hence the bigger releases..

    • moreover

      I didn’t quite get what the problem is.

      • eric

        I think what you are saying is that there is no problem. I am not really saying there is a problem per-sea, but rather that I’d like to see a smaller more limited run. I’ve been on board w/ LRG’s since the beginning and from my recollection the earlier releases had much smaller runs which makes those earlier games more coveted. I don’t care about re-selling, but I do enjoy having a truly rare game like Breach and Clear, Saturday Morning RPG and Odd World Abe for example. These are some that had small runs …They are some of my most prized additions to my collection because of that. I’ve noticed that the runs have been getting larger and larger lately,
        …was just saying I’d like to see a smaller run again. 🙂

    • Just a note; I believe 1,500 copies is the smallest run Sony will let them do. 😉

      • eric

        ah, my bad, you are correct “1500” for B+C, the other early releases were usually around 2300 or so.