Bandai Namco has released information for an additional five major downloadable content packs for Gundam Breaker 3. These five new expansions will be released at various points between October and February. You can buy a season pack for 5,000 yen or purchase them individually for between 1,000 to 1,500 yen.

The first piece of DLC has been detailed in this post so I’m just going to give you the lowdown on DLC 2 – 6!

DLC #2 is called Build Beginning and will be available in October for 1,000 yen. It will be set in Irato Game Park’s Gunpla Battle Simulator and will tell the story of a mysterious man convincing the old lady who runs Irato to install a hot new add-on. This add on provides new missions but the fighters witness a mysterious unidentified mecha…

DLC #3 will be called Build Rising and will be available in November for 1,000 yen. Kouichi invites you to visit the Gundam Great Front Museum to experience a restoration stage. This museum is where the world’s first-ever Gunpla Battle Simulator was 30 years ago.

DLC #4 will be Build Evolution which is due to be available in December for 1,000 yen. This DLC will focus on a certain toybot considering what will happen when people become adults and stop playing with toys…

DLC #5 will be Build Absolute and will be available in January for 1,000 yen. It will tell the story of the events that happen when a computer virus from the Gunpla Battle Simulator begins to cause trouble in the world.

DLC #6 will be Build Kingdom and will be available in February for 1,500 yen. A ceremony is being held at the space elevator on top of the floating airport in the Pacific Ocean. It is in commemoration of the start of the Space Solar Power Generation (SSPG) facility’s construction. There will be a tournament held in celebration however a certain man has been waiting for this day in order to put his plan in action…


Here’s a TV Spot showing off some of the DLC:

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