Square Enix has released their previously announced World of Final Fantasy demo in all three major regions, and we’ve got the details and the links for those wanting an early taste.

Clocking in at about 565-590MB depending on your region, this newly released World of Final Fantasy demo is ready to get you acquainted with the title before it actually released. It will let you use Lann and Reynn to take on Mirages, encountering classic Final Fantasy characters such as Cloud, Lightning, and Squall along the way.

Finishing the demo will earn you access to the “Magitek Armor P” via the full game’s coliseum, so make sure to grab it and give it a play-through if you’re looking to grab this cool “bonus” for yourself.

Here are the links;

World of Final Fantasy releases October 25th in North America, October 27th in Japan, and October 28th in Europe – but the demo is available right now!

  • ZeroPain

    I was just wondering if you guys had information regarding the pre-order bonuses? Do they apply to the Vita version?

  • AndreasStalin

    Thanks for the heads up, gonna check it out.

  • Mr Mr

    Did you play through it? I did few days ago and tbh it really sucks… Maybe FF is not for me, but this demo version actually didn’t show anything we haven’t seen already… Just a little bit of fighting, yea, quite interesting maps, but that’s it… Still no clue what to expect from this game other than it does NOT look that good…