Christina Martin Ramos has launched her Kickstarter campaign for sci-fi action RPG Rogue Raiders Online, which apparently has a high emphasis on multiplayer.

A game where you create your own character and take on worlds in a team of up to four players, Rogue Raiders Online is a love letter to the PlayStation Vita and its community. It’s designed from the ground up as a PlayStation Vita exclusive, the developer a one woman studio with experience on past Vita games like Phineas and Ferb: Day of Doofenshmirtz and Muppets Movie Adventures.

The game itself is played either single or multiplayer, taking place on many different hand-made worlds. You control a rogue with their own agenda, taking on jobs and completing quests in the grand attempt to pay the most evil expense in the universe; rent! Job availability will depend on your affinity with the three in-game factions, your raider credentials, and other things – so you’ll have to make sure not to screw around. 😛

Let’s take a look at some images from the game;

…and even a little video introducing the developer and the game;

Looks pretty promising, right? 🙂

Christina is asking for €33,000 to help get the game done, with stretch goals available up to €80,000 if the support is there. The campaign launched just a few short hours ago, but it’s already up to nearly €2,000 thanks to the support of the Vita community!

Will you be backing it? Jump to the Kickstarter by clicking here!

  • Lester Paredes

    That looks cool! Will this be multiplayer only, though?

    • Kumiko

      According to the kickstarter, there is single player offline mode. Which is what I’m personally interested in. Online only games will always eventually die.

      I’m a bit concerned about this being a one woman job, but then again so was stardew valley. I’ll throw what little money I can, which is sadly not much at the moment. But for someone who says isn’t an artist, the game looks pretty damn good and I like the cartoony characters. I can’t resist giving support to a vita love letter, even if it isn’t much.

      • Lester Paredes

        Yeah, I should really research my questions before I post comments. Lol. I think I’ll toss in $20 or so bucks. Here’s hopeing she makes her goal and the game is good!