We have some details on one of the new types of quests that will be available in Rainbow Skies from the game’s official website. Get ready to hunt for treasure!

There will be around 80 valuable treasure buried throughout the Rainbow Skies world, just waiting for you to find! All you’ll need is a treasure map and a shovel.


You’ll be able to purchase some treasure maps but others will only be given to you as rewards for completing quests. The map will only have a few clues about where the treasure is located and some will be easier to find than others. Some maps will give you an exact location but others might only give you a small excerpt of the world map and you’ll need to figure it out yourself.

Once you think you’ve worked out where the treasure location is you’ll have to travel there and then use your shovel to get digging! There’s no penalty if you don’t dig at the right spot so if you’re not sure then there’s no harm in just having a little dig around.


Shovels won’t last forever though and you will need one for each treasure hunt. Thankfully they’re quite cheap so you can easily pick some up at any jewellry store.

Do you like the sound of these treasure hunts? What else are you hoping to do in Rainbow Skies? Keep checking back to The Vita Lounge for all the latest Rainbow Skies updates!