PQube has been in touch to reveal European and North American release dates for Steins;Gate 0, giving us a little more than that in the process.

Steins;Gate 0 is a brand new story from an alternate world timeline, following Okabe Rintaro as he realizes that he can’t save the one he loves, and falls into the blackness of depression. He gives up all that is important to him in the wake of this tragedy, and in the process ends up endangering all of humanity.

His only hope is that his friends Mayuri, Farris, Daru, Moeka, Luka, and Suzuka can bring him back from the darkness – though how they attempt it you’ll have to find out for yourself.

Fusing new characters and old, time travel and artificial intelligence, Steins;Gate 0 looks to be a worthy successor to the visual novel everyone loved – and promises a darker storyline that will blow your mind.

Get a glimpse in the new trailer below;

Now for the good stuff; Steins;Gate 0 is set to release November 25th in Europe, and November 29th in North America.

Are you picking it up? 🙂