Famitsu has revealed the skinny on Dungeon Travelers 2-2, giving us details on the plot as well as a handful of included characters.

According to the latest from Japan, Dungeon Travelers 2-2: The Maiden Who Fell into Darkness and the Book of Beginnings is a sequel set in a world where the battle against Dungeon Travelers 2‘s end boss was lost. The world plunges into darkness in the wake of this tragedy, and Fried Einhard is the only one who can lead them out – the only problem is that people aren’t exactly what we all remember them to be, and they’re all a bit… different.

Fried, for example, is smaller and more boy-like than his previous self. His obsession with monsters and insticts however are very much the same. As for the heroines, they’ve got opposite personalities – and they have all become a little more monstruous.

Speaking of monsters, the game’s battle system has been changed as well; becoming less of a monster to use (see what I did there?). The user interface has been revamped from its previous state, and the battle backlog will now be available for review. Additionally, there will be special areas in dungeons where magic effects will be enhanced – so keep that in mind!

Looking to the characters, the following have been introduced thus far;

  • The protagonist is Fried Einhard (cv; Taishi Murata), the one defeated by the Demon God in this alternate storyline. He lost all of his memories as a result of his defeat, and appears as a boy-like figure with red eyes and messy hair in this version.
  • Souffle Twinny (cv; Ayane Sakura) faught the Demon God alongside Fried, and in her dark state has donned a black robe with a crow on her shoulder. In a past life she was a treasure hunter who loved Therians, but it’s unclear how much of that self remains.
  • Yuni Korgtech (cv; Hisako Kanemoto) fell alongside Fried in the battle against the Demon God, and as a result of that her dark state is more exposed – bearing large wings. She was once a pure and innocent trobaritz (female troubadour), but is now displaying some pretty opposite qualities.
  • Grisherina Efleanor (cv; Yv Shimamura) was Irena’s friendly rival, and a strong veteran explorer of a polite nature. It’s unclear whether she’s been touched by the darkness, as her appearance is unknown.
  • Yae Houzouki (cv; Yura Hasegawa) was once a female martial artist, and a distinguished lady from a Lachann Empire family. After the darkness fell her appearance changed to that of a red-eyed girl with a sharp tail. Her weapon of choice is a gatling gun, so stay out of her way.


Lastly, we’re pleased to announce that when Dungeon Travelers 2-2: The Maiden Who Fell into Darkness and the Book of Beginnings launches it will be priced at 4,761 yen for the download version, or 5,800 yen for the standard physical edition.

Those with a love for the game (and a little extra cash) however, will be able to pick up the 8,800 yen Premium Edition instead. This special edition is set to include creation materials, an original drama CD, two clear charms, and a background music arrange CD (alongside a physical copy of the game).

Worth it? You decide!

The development of Dungeon Travelers 2-2 is currently 70 percent complete, and it’s well on track for that projected Spring 2017 Japanese release date – are you excited?

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  • Kaboom

    Hoping for an english release. Despite the level of difficulty the prequel had, it was a pretty fun one.