NIS America has gone live with limited edition details and a debut trailer for God Wars: Future Past.

According to publisher NIS America, the newly revealed North American limited edition of Kadokawa Games’ RPG God Wars: Future Past is set to include (alongside a copy of the game);

  • an art book
  • a soundtrack
  • a cloth poster (27″ x 38″)
  • a pocket mirror (3.5″ diagonally)
  • a collector’s box



You can pick it up via NIS America’s online store here if you are, or check out the title’s debut Western trailer below if you need more convincing.

God Wars: Future Past is due out February 23rd, 2017 in Japan, and early 2017 in the West.

  • DCGX

    Not my favorite genre, and the price seems a little high (to me), but that cloth poster looks incredible. I love the art style of it.

  • TheWanderer61

    Would like to pre-order the Special Edition but preferably from gamestop instead of online.