It’s been a long time since we’ve heard The Deer God and PlayStation Vita in the same sentence here at The Vita Lounge, but now we can happily bring them together once more – the title headed to our favourite console early next year.

A PR representative from Blowfish Studios has been in touch to confirm that The Deer God is headed to PlayStation Vita in the first quarter of 2017, the 3D pixel art title nearly ready to bring you the vast landscapes, challenging puzzles, and dangerous enemies it’s filled with.

You’ll play as a hunter who is mauled to death and reincarnated by the titular Deer God, able to return to the world of the living… for a price. Brought back as a fawn, you must stay alive by feeding to replenish your health, maturing to adulthood in the process. Adult deer have the benefit of being able to mate and produce offspring, which are the backbone of the “extra life” system; each fawn born is another life you can use if you should die in the game’s procedurally generated world.

Sound interesting?

Well check out the game’s new trailer below;

The Deer God is headed to PlayStation Vita in Q1 2017.

  • crispyn64

    Holy crap, this game looks wonderful.

  • sundave76

    I used to play this a lot on my tablet not too long ago. I was at 75% completion until i got stuck in an endless loop of re-spawning under the terrain. Definitely happy to see this one come to the vita. I just hope the scrolling is a little smoother on it than it was on my tablet.