Acquire has released details of the first (of four) “Case” scenarios in their upcoming game Akiba’s Beat.

Here’s the info:

Case 1: Akihabara Station Eroded by Delusions


The protagonist Asahi oversleeps and rushes to meet with Mizuki, as they had planned previously. As he cuts through the Akihabara Station he notices that something is different.


Asahi doesn’t know what to make of the strange scene in in front of him, and a lone girl named Saki approaches him with an odd floating creature named Pinkun by her side. She explains to him that everything he sees now is “reality”.


Next to Saki comes a man excited about the transformation of Akihabara Station. Hisayoshi Otoda runs an audio specialty shop, and he claims that this is Akihabara in its ideal form. Saki and Pinkun conclude that he is the cause of the strange event.


Otoda leaves and a mystery door appears in front of the station. Saki explains that this is the entrance to a “Delusionscape”, and she forces him to become involved with the trouble at hand. They travel through the door, Asahi unsure of what awaits him on the other side.

Akiba’s Beat will launch on PS4 in Japan on December 15th, and the PS Vita version’s release date is to be announced. The game is set to release in North America and Europe in Q1 2017.