Compile Heart has release some new details on their free-to-play card battle RPG Nep-Nep Connect: Chaos Chanpuru via an update on their official website. Here’s the info:


Kurisu (voiced by Rika Momokawa, illustrated by Nanoha)


A companion of Yurina, this small machine life-form is a high-spirited character that can be both comedic and straight forward. Kurisu believes she has an “attractive feminine body”, and has the ability to grant special powers to those who form a contract. Her self-defense function absorbs Chaos Energy of a single person. The absorbed Chaos Energy is then discharged into a bottle.



The player (that’s you) is a character who finds themselves in the world of Gyaos. To find a way back to your world you travel with the taciturn Yurina in search of answers.

Chaos Characters


Here are the Chaos versions of White Sister Rom, White Heart, and White Sister Ram, all from the Neptunia series. Rom is illustrated by Macco, Heart is illustrated by Sunao Minakata, and Ram is illustrated by Baku Mikage.

Nep-Nep Connect: Chaos Chanpuru is scheduled for release in Japan in 2016 for PS Vita.

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