Compile Heart has announced action adventure title Gun Gun Pixies, which puts a high emphasis on guns (if the name is any indication of content).

Compile Heart has taken to the latest Dengeki PlayStation to announce that Gun Gun Pixies is headed our way via Shade, the studio that developed the similarly styled Bullet Girls series. This gun action adventure title takes places in a women’s dormitory, two dwarf alien girls infiltrating the Earth building in a bid to save their mother star from a crisis.

Sound good? Check out the main visual (illustrated by Katsuyuki Hirano of Moero Chronicle fame), and some debut screenshots below.


More on Gun Gun Pixies is likely to drop as soon as the November 10th issue hits some hands. It’s set to show off boss girls, hostile aliens, and reward scenes, with a focus on “figure point of view” fighting and “peeping at a girl’s privates from a low angle” – so you’ll want to keep an eye out. 😉

  • Lester Paredes

    I want to say that it kind of looks like Monster Hunter crossed with Third Person Shooter gameplay and panty peeking… I’m down.