A developer from Rotten Mage has shown off Spacejacked running on Vita, and we’ve got your look right here.

Described as a super fast-paced arcade tower-defense game, Spacejacked is apparently headed to PlayStation Vita sometime down the line – Rotten Mage developer Jon O. taking to Twitter to show it off in action. Protect multiple rooms, build turrets, and mow down mounds of enemies in this jacked up title that promises to get your blood pumping!

Get a look at the Twitter reveal below;

When is Spacejacked heading our way? We’re not quite sure… but you can be sure that when we know, you’ll know.

  • eric

    Awesome, this would be something I would want on my Vita. A physical cartridge run would be even better!!!

  • Steve Jaworski

    This looks alot like Super Cratebox with defence additions. Curious..