Dengeki PlayStation and Compile Heart have released more on Gun Gun Pixies, the recently announced action adventure title from Shade.

In Gun Gun Pixies, the people of Pandemo – the mother planet of the protagonists – regularly strip other planets of their goods. As a result of these actions, outsiders were thought of as untrustworthy; an extreme lack of communication being a huge factor in that lack of trust. When Pandemo’s population began to decline however, it came to be thought that interactions between planets might help resolve the issue.

As such, players will take on the role of miniature alien girls on a mission to infiltrate and investigate a woman’s dormitory on another planet. You’ll explore huge rooms, shoot strange objects, and have an effect on the residents of the room – changing their behavior. If you’re spotted however, it’s game over!

As for the characters involved, we’ve been introduced to Bii-Tan (Usamail) – a delinquent soldier who adores cute women, and Kame-pon (Kameriel) – another delinquent who acts chill, but loves her partner Bii-tan. There are also some women of the dormitory named, including Amayo Sato, Minami Kaima, Kira Torii, Misa Torii, and Eri Torii.

Featuring twenty different types of underwear, bath scenes, butt-clinging, costume destruction, tentacles, and even ‘Happy Bullets’ which give the girls a jolt of good feelings when ‘their backs are stiff,’ Gun Gun Pixies is sure to be a game you’ll never forget once you experience it!

Check out the debut trailer below;

A PlayStation Vita exclusive third person shooter with many adventure scenes, Gun Gun Pixies is produced by Norihisa Kochiwa, and features character design by Katsuyuki Hirano. It’s headed to PlayStation Vita sometime next year in Japan, so keep an eye out!