Developer CowCat took to the NeoGAF forums recently to announce a slight delay in the release of cynical adventure Demetrios.

Taking to the Upcoming Vita Games thread over at NeoGAF’s forums, Demetrios developer CowCat has announced that due to some serious save-related bugs the game will be delayed by three weeks – pushing the title into the first week of December.

Check out the full announcement text below.

Bad news everyone 🙁

Demetrios was supposed to come out next week. But due to some worrying bugs with saves reported by reviewers, I’ve decided to push back the release of Demetrios on Vita to December 6th.

I’m also looking to perform additional tests, so if you have some time to play in the next few days and would be interested to help, please message me and I’ll send you a code.

Truly sorry! I prefer to make sure I don’t release the game in a potentially broken state.

While a delay is never fun, I think we’d all prefer a working game to one with issues – so we can weather the wait. I think we all hope that three weeks is all that’s needed though, as nobody likes to wait very long! 😛

Demetrios is now due out December 6th in North America and Europe, so make a note of it.

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