El Dia have announced a remaster of the 1994 PC visual novel for the PlayStation Vita, and Famitsu has brought some initial details our way.

Famitsu has gone live with information announcing the remastered of PC visual novel Desire for PlayStation Vita, this new release titled Desire: Remaster Version and slated for launch this Spring.


Set on a remote island in the Southern Sea, the game takes place at the titular Desire research institute – where everything studied is mysterious and unknown to the outside world. A journalist named Albert (the protagonist) visits this remote island to see his significant other Makoto, and as a result the two of them are caught up in a major incident that occurs.

What exactly happens? Will the two survive? What mysteries lie on that island?

You’ll be able to find out for yourself when this digitally remastered version of the game hits Vita! It uses the SS version of Desire as its base, and introduces new eye and mouth animations as well as new CG scenes to the mix – offering a much better looking experience than the original.

But when can you pick it up? We’ve got those details too; Desire: Remaster Version is set to launch April 27th, 2017 in Japan.

Do you desire it?

  • Alondate31

    Finally a visual novel that is NOT otome 🙂