Jasper Byrne’s pixelated horror adventure game is headed to physical copy thanks to the guys over at Limited Run Games.

Announced via tweet, it looks like Lone Survivor: Director’s Cut is headed to the land of the physical thanks to Limited Run Games – the pixelated horror title getting a 4.5/5 in review by our very own Paul Murphy, and a high recommendation by myself as well. As such, I don’t know what’s scarier; the game’s creepy, crawly atmosphere… or that it’ll only be available in limited quantities! Exact numbers have yet to be announced, but we have a look at the box art via the announcement tweet below.

Lone Survivor: Director’s Cut is up for physical order sometime next month, be sure to follow @LimitedRunGames on Twitter or keep an eye on The Vita Lounge for exact dates (once they’re announced)!

  • Anthony Raymond Watt

    How am I supposed to pay the mortgage if they keep knocking these out!!!