Koei Tecmo has released some new details and a ton of new screens for their upcoming Musou Stars title, showing off the gameplay and the characters further.

First up we take a look at Plachta, a book personified via the possession of an intricate doll and voiced by Yuka Iguchi.


Plachta awakens when Sophie writes a recipe in the book, becoming her alchemy teacher in the aftermath. She transfers her soul to a humanoid doll for convenience, realizing that she’s lost much of her memory doing to sleeping for so long.

As a “person” Plachta has three main actions; fire light from the sky with magical attack “Rain Shoot,” use “Light Fall” to shoot enemies with her Alchemic Drive Weapon’s lasers, or use “Two Hander” to smash your enemies with an Alchemic Drive Weapon sword form.

Then there’s Sophie, a young alchemist with some serious skills.


Sophie can toss various items – using ice bombs to freeze enemies, lightning bombs to attack with the power of charged particles, and Unis she’s stuffed in her bag to do some straight-up damage.

Looking good? Here’s the full set of new screens;

Musou Stars is due out in Japan sometime in 2017, how’s it looking so far?

  • Lester Paredes

    Well, it looks like a musou game all right. However, Plachta’s character art is… uhhh… hiw to put this… much more ‘thrilling’ than the rest. That said, I sure hope they decide to add Ayame, Momiji, Rachel from Ninja Gaiden. And more Dead or Alive characters would be cool, like Nyo Tengu, Christie, La Mariposa, or (my favorite) Mila. Hell, I’d be okay if all the characters from DoA were playable…