PQube has been in touch to let us in on the new character overview for alternate universe sequel Steins;Gate 0.

While Steins;Gate 0 includes a lot of the same faces we’ve come to love in the original, it also happens to introduce a nice selection of new characters. Some of these characters are connected to characters we know, while others even mimic characters we’ve come to love; let’s run ’em down.

First up there’s ‘Amadeus’ – an AI version of Kurisu that Okabe can interact with.


Then there’s Maho Hiyajo, a senior at Kurisu’s university in the United States and an old friend. Despite looking quite young, she’s in her twenties and works for Alexis Leskinen – following along with him to Japan.


Alexis Leskinen is a university professor and the mentor of Kurisu. An expert in brain function and its research, he ventures to Japan to lecture on the Amadeus System – bringing along Maho Hiyajo.


There’s also Yuki Amane, a good friend of Mayuri and someone destined to be involved with the original crew. She’s a big fan of cosplay, just like Mayuri.


Or how about Kagari Shiina, a girl with an unknown past. She doesn’t know her real name or real parents, and is the adopted daughter of Mayuri following a chance orphanage encounter.


Or Judy Reyes, a straight-talking professor at the Psychology Research Institute (and a colleague of Alexis Leskinen).


Then there’s also Mayuri’s friend Katsumi Nakase; a sporty sort of girl who leads a double life as cosplayer Fubuki.


…and lastly, there’s Kaede Kurushima – the last of Mayuri’s cosplay friends, and an adept costume maker.


These eight new characters join the original cast in this alternate universe take, where the new friends and old must come together to save humanity once again. Can they pull it off, or is this all just leading to an even darker end?

Find out November 25th in Europe and 29th in North America, when Steins;Gate 0 hits Western regions!